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About her
I am Stephani Jong-Loy, a young ambitious woman who takes every challenge that crosses her path. As a 24 year old I still have a lot of experience, but I am willing to learn. With a Bachelor Degree in Media, Marketing and Publishing I'm not done learning yet. My vision is that my current knowledge and experience is a start to learn more in practice. The work field is my next study, a study that you will never finish, because when are you done learning? There is so much to learn if you only set the right focus and effort to reach it. 
With my interest focused on the Media and Entertainment branch, but not being afraid to try out something new and step out of my comfort zone I started STP Management, Smart Thinking Professional(s). STP Management was launched in January 2012 being at that time 21 with a Bachelor Degree. Finding a job was harder then I taught, something that I liked and wanted to do the rest of my life. But that didn't stop me from creating my dream job. That’s when STP Management was born. 

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